Monday, May 21, 2007

of music and lyrics...

No this film is not about the said movie... though i have nothing against it..

i went on a two day hell trip to davao.. work related so i wasnt able to snake my way out of it.. goodness.. davao city is 7 hours away from butuan.. just imagine being stuck in an air conditioned bus and seating at its very end. Im for good vibrations and all but what I experienced was just horrific.

its a good thing my co worker lent me his mp3 player. its not an ipod.. just a run of the mill mp3 player.. i for one dont necessarily wanna jump in the ipod bandwagon.. sure the design is nice and its very user friendly but at times it can be really bulky..the mp3 player i borrowed fits at the palm of my hand.. it only has 512 mb capacity, which was good enough for 115 songs, and that in itself is good enough for me. That mp3 player was such a lifesaver: it literally saved me from boredom, which has been known to cause anxiety, anguish and in most cases, anorexia. Kidding! ( i love alliteration!)

i think if you really wanna know a person, you should take a look at his/her music playlist.. It says so much about a person's mood and temperament. Some would say it can tell how that person would be like as a friend and a lover... Now I have no scientific basis to back that up so if you dear readers can enlighten me on that one, id really appreciate it..

well it took me like an hour to come up with 115 songs to fit in the mp3 player... i guess im just faced with too much options.. i have 7 gb of songs to choose from.. they ran the gamut from aretha franklin to the vienna boys choir.. beyonce to paolo santos.. christina aguilera to coldplay..amy winehouse to alanis morrisette... you get the point..

out of the 115 songs i had in the mp3, let me share you my top 10 songs.. maybe that might help me know myself better.. who knows?

1) i try - macy gray
now this song is such a memorable one for me.. it came out when i was nursing a broken heart :) awww.. seeing macy gray holding flowers in a subway while wearing that shockingly blue jacket of a dress or whatever pining about her loved one in that smoky gravely voice of hers just killed me.. while im listening to it, i imagine that my ex would be trying to win me by filming an mtv of it with my friends acting it out and in the end, he would be the one to proclaim his love for me.. i know its positively icky but still :)

2) ordinary people - john legend
i just love this song.. i imagine myself singing it while john legend is playing the piano :) yes it would be positively karaoke if that imagination comes true and goodness knows what simon cowell would say.. but still.. its my imagination and i can sing anything if i want to!!!

3) will you still love me tomorrow - amy winehouse
this version by amy winehouse gives this song more passion and pleasant pain.. a conundrum right? :) but it is a contemporary version of an under-appreciated classic...

4) irreplaceable - beyonce
to the left to the left... to the left to the left... that phrase has been so etched in my mind right now its just silly.. but hearing this song is such a treat.. beyonce is at her element in it.. and she has fun with it.. which is strange considering what this song is all about.. :) but i guess taking control of the whole dumping situation makes it more optimisitic...

5) candyman - christina aguilera
this one makes me wanna boogie and swing!!! :) but christina aguilera just cant help but be raunchy... makes my cherry pop anyone?! :) still this is a step in the right direction for christina.. hopefully we would have more songs like this from her.. but im sure her next album would be just full of surprises...

6) this aint a love song - lakisha jones
okay, this is from american idol.. this is the one song all season that i truly loved.. ive played it 34 times and counting!!! lakisha has always been my favorite and this song justifies that.. she owns the song.. and she absolutely was fabulous singing it!!!! go diva!!!! go lakisha!!!! :)

7) love me or hate me - lady sovereign
I just cant help but bounce around while listening to this song!! "im english.. try and deport me!" hilarious and witty, this girl is someone to watch out for.. she hasnt made it big here in asia but that would soon change ...

8) im gonna make you love me - michael mcdonald
his version of this motown classic is just amazing.. i love his voice!!! its so rich.. so buttery even!!! (pardon me, im hankering for a snack right now!!) taylor hicks has got nothing on this guy!!! this is the real deal y'all!!! now if only i can find his album in record stores here in the philippines...

9) la tortura - shakira feat. alejandro sanz
i have no idea what they are singing about.. supposedly involves torture i guess.. yet another reason why i should have taken spanish as my language elective and not freaking japanese!!! shakira is great in the song but what i like about this song is alejandro sanz.. goodness.. ricky martin and enrique iglesias are hot guys, i know, but when alejandro sanz sings, he just takes the word sexy and sultry to a whole new level.. justin timberlake, you got a lot to learn!!!!

10) i am changing - jennifer hudson
between and i am telling you and this song, this is the one i like.. she puts her own stamp into this song and you can feel her emotions seeping through it.. its a much restrained performance compared to the other song.. much kinder to my ears i must say :)

props must also go out to the following songs who just barely made it to my favorites :)

carrie underwood - dont forget to remember me..
as i am about to go off to another country (hopefully within this year, fingers crossed!!!), this song resonates with me so well.. got nothing against carrie though :)

upgrade u - beyonce feat. jay z..
love this song.. jay'z rap doesnt really add anything to it though.. love their crazy in love collaboration.. that was really good :)

marc anthony - i need to know
i wonder where he is right now? is he busy being mr. lopez or so? marc anthony, we need you!!! make a new record damn it!!! :)

man on the moon - REM
this song is special to me.. michael stipe, if you are reading this, say hi to me will you? or you can email me or so.. goodness you are hot :)

hmmm.. judging from my top 10 favorites plus my runners up ( is that correct? or runner ups? :) grammanazis help me out pls), i can say that my taste in music leans towards soul r & b or so.. i have a bit of preference for old songs... but i still love pop.. ;)

what about you? what would be your top 10 songs? :) share it to me will you...

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